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Alimony payments making life hard for many men

In a recent report Michael Latner whose family is said to be the 93rd richest in Canada was ordered by the court to pay a little over $53,000 monthly in alimony payments to his ex-partner of 14 years. According to the report they are both divorcees and lived separate life's but the court saw it fit to grant this request to Latners ex-partner. Unlike Michael there are several men here in our country who are living way below their means because of the huge alimony payments that has left them feeling anxious, depressed and hopeless. Being in the field of psychotherapy I have noticed a common thread that keeps surfacing time and again which is the cry from male clients for help. I strongly believe that there should be more assessment and evaluation by the court before the final ruling because of the huge impact this has on male mental health.

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